Voter Suppression

It did not escape my attention that on the very day last week the nation was celebrating the lives of those brave soldiers who give there all to secure for this country the freedoms that we enjoy the media were focussed upon three states, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania where legislators were engaged in restricting and limiting the voting rights of oppressed and poor and disenfranchised parts of the population.

Democracy is a fragile thing. It requires constant vigilance to maintain. And a great many people in this country are demonstrating that they really aren’t all that much in favor of democracy if it jeopardizes their power.

I’m saddened by the virulent strain of white ascendency that the blot on our national character named Donald Trump has released on the world. Before him at least the worst of White Supremacy kept it’s ugly face hidden most of the time. But his in-your-face style made it OK for the worst parts of society to poke their ugly faces into the light and to make their presence known again.

Ideas need a face and he gave hatred a semblance of respectability. This nation surely isn’t the nation I thought it was. Bad on me for thinking any differently in light of 200+ years of history. I should have known better.