I do not speak of God, I speak of love.
I do not speak of the devil, I speak of intolerance.
I do not speak of angels, I speak of service.
I do not speak of death, I speak of the value of all life.
The truth is not an opinion or a belief. It cannot be found by shouting and argument, but in the silence of a simple living compassion.
If we do not serve all beings with a loving heart, what do we contribute to the world?
What value does our life really have?
The new day begins with our own intimate reflection – how much more can I give?
May all beings everywhere be safe, secure and harm free.
May all beings be happy.

May all


One thought on “May all

  1. sarve bhavantu sukhinaha
    sarve santu niraamayaah
    sarve bhadraani pashyantu
    maa kaschit dukhabhabhavet.

    A shloka(verse) in Sanskrit that I generally include in my prayers.
    May all be happy
    May all be free from diseases
    May all experience goodness
    May no one be engulfed by sorrow.


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