“Love is an illusion and conditional, but hatred is real.”


When I first read this quotation it really rankled me. How cynical I thought.

Then I thought some more and softened my opinion.

I accept that in the first place, “love” too often refers to what are really hormones and lust. Love seems most commonly used to refer to our biological mating paradigm. The idealistic love is only a distant second in terms of frequency of usage.


And it’s a big but…

Hatred is used by many as a powerful motivator to negative action. Certainly the past four years of the Trump Administration go to show how a little encouragement of hatred gives rise to a bloom of manifestations. Hate acts and racist acts have taken a huge upswing in the U.S. and they seem untouchable by any appeal to love or compassion.

The thing is, a lot of humans seem to need to feel superior to someone or something. Rulers and manipulators for centuries have recognized that hatred is a powerful tool. Our military — here in the U.S. — rely upon hatred too. The military goes to lengths to teach personnel that others are the “enemy” and uses a variety of methods to dehumanize all who do not hold to the sacred trust they guard.

When the new Administration took office there was a lot of talk about unification and cooperation, but the thing is that one can only go so far in unifying unless all sides are willing to compromise equally. Compromise on only one side is capitulation. And hatred loves nothing better than capitulation. Hatred wants to win. Hatred wants to destroy opposition. Hatred doesn’t care about unity or compromise unless it puts itself in a better position to win in the end.

You cannot legislate an end to hatred. Hatred doesn’t live in rules, regulations or laws. Hatred lives in the human heart and unless you can teach the human heart to love, hatred will lie dormant there until it senses a clear shot to self-expression and then will burst forth like an angry animal intent on killing prey.

We have had racism laws in this country for well over a century and yet racism is still rampant, and whenever opposition to it settles down it reasserts itself again. It takes generations for racism to disappear. Campaigns of ethnic cleansing in various countries around the world have shown that racial hatred lasts generations so long as it has proponents to teach it’s ways and to inspire it in new generations. Not until parents and grand parents who have themselves learned to overcome hatred have died will there be a generation free from taught hatred. And then the only remaining hurdle will be the hatred that arises when those alive feel slighted, maligned, or mistreated. Clearly in a world in which any injustice lives there will always be such people — who feel slights, or who imagine slights and use them as an excuse to badger, bully, berate, or physically harm or kill others whom they feel have done them wrong.

It is a noble battle to fight against hatred. It is not a battle easily won. But unless we fight it hatred will only grow until it consumes us all.

Love is an illusion, but hatred is real