I have been enjoying the world of drone photography lately. While I appreciate that some folks get really freaked out by the idea of drones that can monitor their activities — and rightly so — I can’t help but admire the new viewpoint on our world that drones are giving us.

I’m not a huge fan of social media and I post very little on Instagram but I chanced upon some hashtags that have been giving me top-down looks at cities, at landscapes, and among other things at whales. The opportunity to see humans interacting with the largest creatures on the face of the planet in particular has been inspiring to me. We know so little about other species — really. For millennia we thought animals to be less than humans but in the last century we have learned so much — and continue to do — about their social skills and interactions and their languages. Truly, there are a few species that act more human than some of our own species, and certainly many are far more “humane” than humans too often reveal themselves to be.

Unfortunately the Instagram videos are not sharable on this platform; I wish I could share some of the examples. But alas.

Even if you don’t want to post, sometimes having access to some of the social media can give added insight into our society than we might get just from newspapers or tv.


One thought on “Sundown

  1. Every time I cross a freeway on an overpass, I see “the perfect” shot. It’s unfortunate there aren’t pull outs along those routes to stop and snap a photo. I suspect flying a drone over one would be illegal.


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