Slowly, Slowly

The world of late has seemed to creep along in first gear. I’m ready and waiting for something exciting, I have my helmet on and my goggles ready to shield my eyes from the fast rushing wind, but there’s been little to get excited about.

That said, we did get our authorization code from our healthcare provider making us eligible for our first jab of COVID vaccine and both of us make the journey tomorrow morning to get that taken care of. Hopefully at that time we’ll be able to schedule our re-jab so as to get the whole vaccination debacle out of the way, but time will tell.

A few of our contemporaries have already been jabbed — some younger than ourselves have also had their SECOND dose as well, but they are all employed by a healthcare organization (although NOT in frontline service and working from home rather than in patient care).

Fact of the matter is, I’ve been struggling with my own state of mind. As I write this we have been primarily sheltering-at-home for now 340 days. Yeah, sure…. we have made some short (1 day) driving trips where we visited our trailer, or went to a state park where we kept to ourselves, and we had a few at-distance-while-masked family meetings but it’s mostly been nearly a year of the two of us being together.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. All of my working life which had me traveling far more than I would have preferred I kept hoping we’d somehow find a way of working together so we didn’t have to be apart so much of the time, but that never happened. When we took the option of retiring early I was delighted, and continue to be delighted to be able to spend pretty much all of my time with the wonderful lady who has been my wife these 50+ years. We get along, and we get each other, and we’re best friends. I know some people have a hard time believing that but we are truly the lucky ones. What might be a miserable situation — being stuck in the house with a partner they don’t care for — is not the cross we bear.

Still, it’s been hard not having more interactions with others. The occasional Doctor’s visit, our trips our for curbside delivery of groceries when we shout to the back end of our vehicle while a nice lady named Becky loads groceries into the car, and a very few visits INTO a rare number of stores that offer no curbside delivery have been a far cry from the talk-to-anyone lifestyle we used to enjoy — and we know we are just two of 7+ billion people struggling along in the same mode.

We both are mostly optimistic and happy people — by nature. So it hasn’t been like we’ve felt imprisoned but even the strong are allowed their odd says of frustration and disheartenment. For myself that has been exacerbated recently by sadness over the careless attitudes of so many of our citizens. While I’m a Christian who believes God created the heavens and the earth there are times that I understand why darwinian evolution appeals to some because surely give the behavior of a great man of our citizens there has been some thinning of the herd and will continue to be based on their actions. When people used to use the expression “avoid them like the plague” I now realize that a great many people don’t seem to have the sense to do exactly that.

So, it’s been a quiet time here in “Whoville” — the characters are all in their places and doing what characters are supposed to do.

I see that March 1 the county Museum and Art Museum are scheduled to reopen to the public. Businesses around town are remodeling and trying to find COVID secure new models for themselves. I’m glad that people are looking at what has happened as worthy of changes to their business plans.

Also I have been noticing our local COVID stats:

The population has finally gotten the idea and between vaccinations and social distancing we have been lowering the incidence of COVID outbreaks. Good signs, for sure. But still it’s a dangerous time for many.

For myself I’m working on improving my attitude. I hope you are too.

Spring is on the horizon — I’ve been saying that since December 1 seeing as I am not a happy-winter-ite. But, we are legitimately 2/3 of the way through this winter and spring can’t come fast enough for me. Our membership park where our summer getaway is located opens April 15th and I’d say I’m already salivating but why mix metaphors, right?

Stay safe out there. ‘