The Calatrava

I am unabashedly proud to live in Milwaukee. There are serious problems here but there are serious problems everywhere on earth and that does not take away from the many unique aspects of this city.

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s addition in the early 1980’s was Santiago Calatrava’s first project in the U.S. and it is the highlight of the Milwaukee Lakefront. Sitting at the end of Milwaukee’s “main drag” — Wisconsin Avenue — the Calatrava with it’s moving wings gets plenty of attention for a great many wonderful reasons.

But as popular a topic as it is for photographers I find this image of the Calatrava with it’s wings folded on a snowy winter’s day to be such a fitting image for the blustery mood of winter. We all pull in our “wings” — our fragile bits — in the cold, in the wind, during frightening and dangerous times and it seems like a good image to think of going forward into 2021.