A day late

In keeping with my personality and my general disregard for the nature of holidays, here is my Thanksgiving Day post — a day late. 🙂

I have been this way for a long time. The year we got married — just a a few days later in fact — I was painting the kitchen on Christmas eve. Peggy was no little bit miffed. Do they say “miffed” any more? But she learned a lesson on that occasion: her husband was socially challenged and lived in a time altered state. I seem never to have recovered

Our day of thanksgiving was much like many days; every day. We are thankful for each and every one of them. Consciously. You don’t get to 70 without having seen bad days, challenging days, without having felt hunger and pain. Only those with great forgetting mechanisms can live into their 70’s without an ongoing sense of thankfulness — and yet, look around you — there are so many who seem to have done just that.

I checked into our community Facebook page yesterday and what do you know. There was a post from someone gloating over the fact that it’s hard to catch an imaginary virus! That people continue to be as deluded as that is beyond my imagination. I honestly thought that humans were a higher order of intelligence than I’m coming to find we are. All my life I have missed the mean level of life around me. I’m happy and thankful for that. I’m thankful that Peggy and I have been able to live a life that has seen better things than so many around us. It’s sad for them; fine for us.

We saw no family yesterday. Oh, we saw a few photos and snippets of video but no in person contact. That was OK I guess, we were both a bit under the weather — something we ate didn’t agree with us and we shared 24 hour symptoms having nothing to do with COVID. Still, a little bit of personal physical discomfiture does wonders to remind you what you have to be thankful for.

Our meals were modest. I was thankful for that. Oh, how I was thankful. I don’t actually like to sit at a groaning board anymore. Too much food piled too high and inviting the pounds to settle around my already all to ample waistline. It’s a bad habit, these holidays, when so many around are so in need. Having a social conscience doesn’t make for mindless gorging — and I’m thankful for that too.

For the holiday past, and most probably the season now upon us, we won’t be seeing much of family. OH, we’ll make our socially spaced visits but we’ll appreciate each and every one. We’ll long for family, and longing is good. Better we long to be with them than be tired of spending time with them. Right?

It’s been a weird year. There are more moths of weird yet to come. I’m just thankful that we’re all still happy and healthy and willing to patiently wait for a return to a safer world. It’s coming. I may not have an active part in achieving it, but I can do what I can do — and for that TOO I am thankful.


5 thoughts on “A day late

  1. Liz W says:

    Sorry to hear you and Peg were under the weather. Hope you are recovering well. It was an odd Thanksgiving for us with no family visits other than a Zoom chat at the end of the day. Fun to do but our grandchildren get bored with it pretty quickly when they aren’t the center of attention. With six Zoom screens going, it is hard to keep them interested. We prefer to do each family on their own.
    Reading about the Supreme Court late night decision did not do my mental health any good. Harbinger of things to come? It is worrying.
    Stay well and test negative.


    • Liz,

      You had me laughing because I guess I’m just a kid. I can’t get into the online gathering concept. I love my family, and Katy and Melanie FaceTime quite often, but it’s not something Peg & I do. I guess we have a problem with our attention span or something. 🙂

      Have been feeling fine, COVID wise. An upset tummy isn’t anything to get excited about and I suspect we just both ate the same thing that caused the problem. All is better today and that’s all that matters.

      I agree about the Supreme Court decision The world is changing and unless the Dems add 2 or more justices to the court, which they might have to do over a GOP controlled senate this is the Brave New World we are entering for the next significant number of years. It would be nice to think of the justices as living in their towers untouched by the fray down here — but the truth of the matter is that they too are imperfect humans who get greedy, who can be spiteful, who aren’t always as well balanced as we might hope, and who harbor their own secret thoughts and aspirations.

      Personally, I’d love to see Justice Barak, but doubt that’s in the cards.



  2. We had our Thanksgiving last month. It was okay, but so unlike other years. I made dinner for hubby and I and made up take away plates for my kids. They dropped by to pick them up all of us wearing masks and keeping our distance. Sadly too many people decided they were not going to be denied their holiday dinner and now the numbers have been climbing much higher than they did in the spring. Christmas may drive the numbers higher still because people are refusing to follow public health guidelines. It’s hard stuff. The ones who label it a myth or no worst than the seasonal flu are making it so hard on those of us trying to do our bit to “flatten the curve”. Lax government restrictions do not help. As you can see, it’s all weighing rather heavily on this woman today.

    I am so grateful for WordPress and all the wonderful people I have “met” here. I find reading blogs like yours help me realize I am far from alone and that we can do our small bit here to try to support one another and lift up the tired spirits. so, thank you for lifting mine.

    I hope you and Peg are feeling better or at least well on your way to feeling better. Stay safe my friend.


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