When will vaccines bring back normal?


2 thoughts on “When will vaccines bring back normal?

    • Linda, You’re right. But in spite of our yearning for the things we want, we are forever stuck with what is. I know that the horrific number of pandemic deaths are challenging in the sense of trying to make sense of what is senseless. Those of faith try hard to cling to their faith. Those without faith do their best to trudge on either working for change or abandoning hope. In the end, whichever or whatever camp we fall into we are still stuck with the same reality: COVID is here for a while and we need to adjust our way of thinking to what is instead of what we want it to be.

      Every day I scratch my head that so many fellow citizens seem more than willing to risk the possibility of death, or lifelong complications in exchange for that extra cuppa at a fast food coffee shop, or at a sports event, or even at a large gathering of family. I have friends who immigrated here from other countries who have not seen loved ones for 7 years because they are trying to save enough to send for them to join the part of their family already here in the U.S. — compared to that what is 8 months? Parents and grandparents and children of all ages of left land and family behind for centuries to start a new life in a new place and here we are in the same-oh, same-oh and all we are being asked to do is live with care and discretion. Even that way we may not be spared; COVID will never likely “go away.” And vaccines will never be 100% effective. There will be COVID deaths for a long time to come. That idea we have to adjust to. But we here in the US have been dismissive of other cultures, like the Japanese and Chinese who adapted to wearing masks long ago, and only our stubbornness and arrogance prevent us from joining a more rational way of living in favor of “individual freedom.” I’m sick and tired of hearing about “individual freedom” because in too many instances it’s nothing more than license for giving in to personal selfishness. The driver who speeds, or drives on the shoulder. The spouse who cheats. The business that scams customers, or defrauds the government. These are all assertions of individual freedom and they are nothing more than an excuse for “bad” behavior.

      But then no one wants to be judged by “bad” behavior. No one wants there to be standards that can apply to them because Americans want to be free to kill each other, harm each other, abuse each other without penalty. It’s a sad world we have made for ourselves to live in and sometimes a touch of reality does us all good.

      I hope you have a pleasant Thanksgiving, Linda. Peg and I wish you and Dave the best.



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