Ok, I admit it. I’m terribly discouraged by the events since the election.

For one thing gloating never flatters anyone and while I understand and even share in the elation that dRumpf lost the election by the same token we do no one any kindness by gloating.

For another, just as has been the case for four years now the decree to which dRumpf revels in being a scofflaw makes me beyond angry. And that people sit around twiddling their thumbs just saying, “well that’s who he is” and no one is willing to stand up to him and call him out for his behavior, or pursue the legal means of controlling him — it’s absolutely an abandonment of the government that once-had-been the United States of America.

That politicians and media sit in front of their cameras for clever soundbites decrying his steps toward a coup and no one takes his madness seriously says a lot about how important raw “power” is for people in the United States of America.

I could sit here for hours writing about the abandonment of the American Dream but the fact is few care. All the populace seem to want is an easy, untroubled, way of life that isn’t bothered by real problems. We want our sports and our entertainment, we love revealing in violence but we have forgotten what it means to actually suffer as a nation — until COVID — and dRumpf certainly has abdicated any interest in helping the suffering citizens he was once elected to serve.

It’s embarrassing. It’s frustrating. It is, AMERICA in 2020.


6 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. I know it’s not the same, but here in AB, Canada we have a premier who is doing such a stellar job of sinking the province that it should be illegal. And we have almost three more years with this guy in power.

    I sympathize with you.

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  2. This Canadian comprehends Carol’s despair over the Premier of Alberta, I can empathize from my Canadian perspective. What I can’t do is imagine what its like to walk a mile in your shoes. What I’m saying is there’s such a chasm between the U.S. and Canada in terms of middle ground, the prospect of understanding how a so called great nation allowed itself to march head first into calamity eludes me. Honestly don’t know how reasonable Americans process what’s happening to their country.

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    • Victoria, You aren’t the only one who wonders such things! Just today I came across this quotation and if you are willing to think beyond the obvious I think it offers some insight into your quandary.

      Americans are a very insecure lot. Go to a book store, if you can still find one, and the shelves are filled with self-help books and the shrinks are doing great business as are the pharmacies with psycho-active drugs to treat our insecurities and self loathing. We don’t actually (as a nation) have enough confidence and love for ourselves to be able to recognize that we are being mistreated by our government, or by our President.

      This has been brought into stark focus by dRumpf, but it has been an ongoing situation for a couple decades at least and will continue to be a problem for a while to come — perhaps until the nation dissolves into lawlessness. Don’t forget that 60 some million people voted for the Pretender-to-the-throne a SECOND time, even after witnessing what he was like in office for 4 years. That is not the behavior of a rational person; but americans don’t seem to want “rational” — they want what they want when they want it and the hell with reason, or rationale, or any other basis. We love sports because we need to feel like we are winning. We are obsessed with teams and with the contest, but we don’t really care what the game is. As long as we can win. As long as we have someone to defeat. It’s barbaric, but as a nation that has been at war almost continuously for 250 years we don’t know how to be at peace, we don’t know how to work together anymore.

      The teamwork we saw during WWII would not happen today. We are too divided. The thing is, we don’t even realize it.


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      • Peter (not that it actually matters, but I’m Valerie, not Victoria – not to worry, you had the “V’ right 🙂 )
        Your comment made me think of a post I wrote years ago –
        I wrote it in 2013, long before Trump nation was even imaginable. Today there’s MAGA. Insidious hubris masquerading as patriotism, a cultish battle cry pitting “us” against “them”. A racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant, social justice eradicating smokescreen. ARGH!!!
        Self perseverance demands I sign off. Hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Sigh.


      • LOL — Hey I had the FIRST LETTER right!

        I should have known that. Oh well.

        Yeah, I see your point. Then again a great many nations had monarchies of varying forms, including France — whose rejection of their monarchy was a cutting offense to the monarch ( pun intended ).

        I suppose there are various ways of looking at it, an active influence, or a passive influence being reacted against. Americans seem to have been born with a grudge, or at least with a sense that anything they could find belonged to them and the hell with anyone else. The Brits, Dutch, French, Portuguese all took what they wanted from subjected peoples. I see little difference between them and the U.S. — colonialism was rampant in an unenlightened world — hell, it’s still rampant in whatever the heck we have now.

        We clearly do not know how to live peaceably. We have been at nearly constant war for 200+ years. We are greedy in a way that other nations don’t appear to be. And then there are just so many of us greedy buggers — thanks to better health and an increasing population. When we threw off the chains that bound us we seem to have done more than just lose our gentility and calm.

        Dunno, Valerie, personally I think we contracted an incurable personality flaw and we are all doomed. And by damn, we’re going to take the entire world with us.

        Sad, that.



    • LOL. My friend, there IS NO middle ground. And we keep marching, further and further into calamity. Some of us are determined to prove that the virus is a hoax. Just last night someone near to me said just that. Fortunately we were no where near them physically ally. Grrrrrr….

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