Ok — I’ll start off by saying I had no idea!!!!!!

I don’t actually mess around with many onions. I love them. But to be truthful I by yellow onions for cooking and I used the odd shallot and that’s about it. While a recipe may call for 1/4 or 1/2 an onion I’ll put the whole thing in — what’s the sense of smelling up my fridge with leftover onion when you really can’t have TOO much onion — specially if it’s cooked onion — which is what I usually use. War onions disagree with both of us — we really don’t eat them or garlic for the same reason — and while that’s a sacrifice — enjoying our food after we’ve eaten is more important than using something just because it’s a popular ingredient. The hardest part is ordering in a restaurant and getting foods that don’t have raw onion or garlick of any kind.

I apologize for the spelling boo-boo under “white onions” — the word should be “chutney” not “chitney” but the rest of the graphic is OK I think.


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