Random advice

Expectation – Reality = Suffering

(At any given time, if you are angry or hurt, feel betrayed, or find yourself suffering for any reason apply this simple formula. Noticing your own part in the result for having hung your emotions on preconceived ideas is key in breaking down one’s own tendency to insert self into victim hood.)

Your Ego is not your Amigo

Identity is only useful so long as it serves you, not the other way around.

When I feel I can’t, then I must

You are made of stardust, the sky has no limits and neither should you.

Diversity is always better than homogeny

specialization is for insects, not people

It never gets better later, it just gets later

Get there while you can

In the end the only things that are yours and yours alone are your choice and your voice

If you don’t write your own story someone else will

Fools often place pride before reason

One cannot change what one has chosen to tolerate

Truth cannot be separated from action


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