Room for Compassion

Scene of Beirut explosion

It is unspeakable.

There are no words.

No matter how bad things might be for many of us, they are not as difficult or as bad as conditions are for the poor souls living in Beirut Lebanon who are living through a pandemic and a major catastrophe simultaneously. Where do they even begin?

Think for just a moment about how lucky you are that you didn’t happen to be born there or were transferred there.

Soften your heart.

Amid your inconvenience, let yourself feel and grieve for others….

Think about what happened in an instant.

2 thoughts on “Room for Compassion

  1. Liz W says:

    I cannot imagine. How would one have any hope. So very sad. And yet here in our country we have those who are all bent out of shape over having to wear a mask.


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