DIY: Make Your Own Pen Flush

I love my fountain pens!

I started writing with them in jr. high school, when I found an old pen of my father’s which I used until I had saved many weeks allowance to buy a Parker 45 which I used for many years after we married.

I was fascinated by my dad’s tiny script. He was a big guy, but he wrote with the tiniest script I remember seeing as a boy. It wasn’t a thing about being feminine or anything, there wasn’t anything feminine in particular about him; it’s just that I was amazed at HOW anyone could form those tiny scratching!

Over the years I have added to my small collection, and my lovely Parker had disappeared. Th Ruth he told, I don’t do much scratching anymore at all. But I still love my pens.

And they do require a little love from time to time. This might be helpful.

It is ridiculously easy to make your own pen cleaner. It’s also really inexpensive. In fact, it’s so inexpensive that you could make up a whole bunch…

DIY: Make Your Own Pen Flush

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