Why do we do this?

I’m a reasonably normal guy, but I must be missing some particular gene because I never got the idea behind catcalling women. Even when I was young and when testosterone surged through my loins it never seemed right to treat a woman that way. I guess I was raised to respect women and I never learned (not that it’s a good thing, it isn’t) to suspend respectful behavior just because I’m around a bunch of other men.

Half of the world population are women. What gives men the right to think that such disrespectful behavior is or should be acceptable under any circumstance?

The bigger part of the situation is that I question whether men have any idea how a majority of women feel about being called out. I do know that there’s a male myth that gorgeous women like to be appreciated — and I call it a myth because it’s commonly applied only to women who possess certain observable traits which we aren’t going into here because there are personal tolerances for the various traits. But just because you think a woman likes to be appreciated that does not mean that it’s ok to do it in a crude and disrespectful manner.

Then again, a lot of men have no idea how to respect a woman in any way — and I trust that none of them are followers of my blog. I really hope that as a guy I do not appeal to that audience.

Look at these survey questions. If you are a woman I’m sure the results are no surprise to you. If you are a guy, I would hope you know these things but just in case you don’t I wanted to reprint them here.

I don’t expect my small audience to make a huge difference but I do think we need to talk about things, and move towards something a bit less violent towards women.


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