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  1. Years ago I read a book about the Innu in Labrador and all the adversity caused by colonialism. I remember feeling the same way: frustrated, angry, and feeling so helpless as well. Indigenous peoples have been fighting the same fight . Too many living in poverty and imprisoned and murdered, treated badly by police and ignored by politicians. I know it’s not quite the same, but I think that is the greatest shame that Canada carries – and yes there is prejudice, bigotry, and racism here as well in regards to people of color and of any nationality that is not white and of European descent. I don’t know what the answers are but we have to stand up against it whenever and wherever we encounter it.

    Some people are so stubbornly set in their ways, in their ignorance, in their refusal to change their attitudes and not interested in being informed – any ideas that are different than their own narrow-minded and opinionated views are brushed off, or shouted down. Sometimes shot down literally, not just figuratively.

    I have to pray for strength and guidance constantly and I have to trust that there is a loving and compassionate and just God who sees all that is in every human heart. I hope you find peace despite the waves of frustration and pain. Perhaps we cannot change the world, but we can change our own little tiny corner of it by our kindnesses to others; by our compassion; and yes, by our righteous anger, if we use it wisely.


    • Standing up once you know is the only thing we can do.

      I find the combination of being set in one’s ways AND being willing to hold on to falsehood because it makes one feel better to be a dangerous and an impossible combination. In my mind being set in one’s ways signifies resistance, not outright refusal. Even a truck stuck in the mud can sometimes find a way to extricate itself. But the old expression about cutting off one’s nose to spite their face comes to mind. There are times when people will knowingly do themselves harm rather than admit the need for correction. Which I suppose is why I periodically come back to the theme of hubris. So we are very much of one mind.

      I have no problem having confidence in God and His plan, but I’m willing to accept that we humans like to pretend that we know what that plan is, when in fact we are finding out about what He “intends” after He has done it. Noah and Lot were no doubt surprised by what followed their obedience. And the Prophets — if you read between the lines, or read some of the newer translations — their instructions about how to deal with the Israelites were certainly a bit off the wall — and were received by the Jews AS being off the wall. It’s no reason that some of them got crazy nicknames as did “crazy Jeremiah”.

      I suspect the truly faithful will find the afterlife to be very different from what they expected. In a good way.


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  2. Linda Sand says:

    I, also, cannot participate physically so I am dong what I can by supporting black authors and businesses. It’s not much but if it helps even a little I am willing to do it.


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