How much training is enough?

How clearly does the point need to be made that “police officer” is just a job.?

It is a job with minimal training and minimal monitoring. It is NOT some kind of promise of honesty, truth, or heroism. It is a bunch of assistant managers with extremely powerful weapons.

IF you can understand “pedophiles choose to be priests and teachers so they can get to children”, IF you understand “arsonists choose to be firefighters so they can be present at their own crimes” – then you can ALSO understand “people who are bigoted, violent, and power-hungry choose to be cops for the opportunities the job presents” and you can ALSO understand “any occupational culture that chooses fraternity over justice – and the allowance of violence in the name of a unified front – is therefore siding with their worst representatives”


5 thoughts on “How much training is enough?

  1. I understand your points, Peter, but I think there are at least as many noble men and women who enter into police work with no agenda other than to be of service to the public and to protect citizens. No organization or group is free from the shadow side of life. I think society as a whole is sick right now and in need of healing.


    • I agree.

      But I don’t think we dare any longer assume that everyone who applies is equally interested in protecting the community. After all, look at how many youth just disappear each year — I’m not blaming human trafficking on the police mind you — I’m saying that the whole world is a lot more vicious than it used to be. And considering that an interior designer in some places needs more training than a policeman I think there is room for improvement.

      It bothers me when I read stories and hear from friends that they get arrested by a cop who can’t tell them what offense they have committed. And it bothers me when officials act specifically in ways to injure, inconvenience, and complicate the lives of quiet protesters. For example, refusing to release phone, wallet, and keys when a detained person is released. Where are they supposed to go if they cannot get into their own homes, call for help, or afford a hotel room even though one should not be needed except for the fact they can’t get back into their home without their keys. This harassment has happened.



      • I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that there are many, many crimes being committed against humanity but the powers that be, including police forces. Training for a position in any field seems to have become a thing of the past, or been reduced to so little time that it makes me wonder why bother at all?


      • Absolutely – yes, there are people who behave very, very badly, but there are also the helpers, the miracle bringers, the people of love and light.


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