3 thoughts on “Milwaukee, May 31

  1. Sometimes we have to take a stand, even in the middle of a pandemic. It says a lot that people are willing to risk their health for a cause this important. I pray it doesn’t cause a further spike in the number of people infected with that dreaded virus.


    • Yeah — we have to meet evil where we find it, and stop it in it’s tracks if possible before it gets worse. I had a long convo with someone today about just that thing — they were bemoaning the fact that these things had to happen during the pandemic when so many people were laid off — but the sad part is that we can’t afford to wait yet again. Some folks have been waiting for 400 years for freedom and justice. At what point have we waited long enough, and at what point is it “convenient” to fight evil? Seems the only honest answer is right now, whenever that happens to be.


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