When I wrote the post “Pauses” on April 1 I wasn’t sure how to go about making the changes I was talking about out loud at the time.

I really don’t want to write about the pandemic, even though there are moments when I think it’s irresponsible not to talk about things that aren’t being talked about enough. But that doesn’t mean I can get through a day without the need to write something, or at least commit something to paper, or share something with someone else. Blame it on the fact that our Post-RV life involves a smaller circle of friends and my need to share is still the same size it’s always been — it’s just who I am.

I guess for me part of my personal solution will be to revert partially to more of a personal diary/blog for a while. I know for some of you that may be more boring, and if you turn away I’ll understand. But, it seems to be what I need to do for my own sanity.

I’ll probably share more individual graphics as images — sometimes I find someone else says what I’m thinking better than I can say it. Or better than I want to invest the time and effort into crafting a detailed response for.



3 thoughts on “Morphing

  1. Personally, I find writing very therapeutic. It gets the awful stuff outside of me where I can deal with it more easily, and it is also a great forum for expressing the eternal hope that continues to ride the present storms, despite all its gloom.


    • I agree 100%.

      I also find that it helps me organize thoughts about things I’m not writing about. My brain does the multi-tasking thing — working over other problems whilst typing — brains ARE faster than our fingers and even though I love typing because it helps me get words down on paper almost as fast as I can think — really, it’s just because it’s faster than using a pen — but the brain still has time to ponder other things as well. It’s good therapy in a lot of ways.


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