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  1. Truer words are rarely spoken. Sidebar – in the past 10 days since COVID-19 found me out of work and sheltering at home, I’ve noticed a dramatic spike in neighbourhood bird song. A cacophony of bird song erupts at first light, it’s remarkable. A few days ago a rarely seen pair of blue-jays appeared in my backyard. It’s amazing to witness nature reclaim city streets stripped of normal activity. 🙂


    • The sounds of nature were one of the things I loved most about RV’ing! We were so much closer to our Mother when we were in the coach. We are fortunate to be in an apartment that adjoins a lower elevation creek with trees along either side of the gully. As a result we get a goodly number of songbirds, as well as peepers and other froggy/amphibians to sing to us at various times of the year. The one mile distance between our cross street and the next cross street has two lakes/lagoons and an area of parkland with marsh and cattail lands as well as open water — lots of wonderful sounds and critters when we are patient enough to wait on them. Robins and red winged blackbirds are showing up, some sparrows and wrens too. Migration is fully underway. The geese are nesting — one pair have found a place on top of the local mall roof. Not sure how that will work out for them but the gander stands guard and honks off all the people who approach the mall — though we haven’t seen them for 2 weeks as we have been sheltering in place for over that long now. Hopefully the geese are doing better without all the mall-walkers bothering them.

      I agree about nature reclaiming. I have often noticed the simplicity of an empty, recently abandoned parking lot that so quickly begins to be broken up by grasses poking their way up through the cracks in the asphalt and soon there is green in the midst of the black asphalt paving!

      I really am not minding the isolation. Even two years ago I would have been chomping at the bit, but for this, I’m content and at peace. I hear so much panic in the voices of people; so much lack-of-control-induced-paranoia. I feel sorry for so many people who are scared but at times like this you can’t be peaceful FOR others. It has to come from within.

      Hope you and hub are doing well. In the Midwest we have heard nothing about infection rates in Vancouver or even in B.C. but if folk will do what they can, at least the worst case situation might be averted. I’m not overly confident that will be the case here. Too many people still moving around and being upset that their lives are interrupted.

      With my health as it is I have no choice but to be very, very, cautious and Peggy is such a considerate partner. We’re quite happy in the apartment apart from a break daily for a little exercise outdoors — but our times to do that are more limited now with a mandatory shelter at home order — other folk get out to walk too, but we end up doing the serpentine, serpentine thing trying to stay out of the way of people who insist on staying on the sidewalk. And so it is that we are walking off the path as much as on the path. IF they aren’t going to be careful about interpersonal distance then I will.


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      • Tom and I are well, as our 3 children. Middle son lives with us, but we haven’t seen youngest son or our daughter for over 2 weeks. All of us (except Tom who works from home) have been laid off. We’re all following government orders to stay home.
        Almost everything is closed except essential services like grocery stores. Canada has just over 5,600 cases, in B.C. there are 900, the number here grows by around 100 a day. Much like the outbreak in Seattle, many of the cases here are in care homes, senior complexes – one local long term care facility in downtown Vancouver has over 50 confirmed cases.
        Tom and I go for a drive everyday, it’s fascinating to note changes from day to day. In the past few days we’ve noticed many closed businesses boarding up doors/windows to stop break-ins and homeless persons taking over entryways of shuttered high end retail stores etc. It’s surreal. Truth is COVID-19 shut down has hit underground economy of marginal people hard. Bottle returns are suspended – a mainstay of alley pickers and binners, gone. Closed stores mean no opportunity to shoplift and resell. Most business that remain open no longer accept cash (don’t want employees handling it, so debit/credit only) I expect crime rates to skyrocket. Sigh.


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