Isn’t it time to go from anger about the earth and the ecology to action?


More than Anger: Action


2 thoughts on “More than Anger: Action

    • I so admire people who are good with their hands. The conceptualization of that image really is amazing. However we get people from liking the images to doing something to act on the feelings, however, is beyond me.

      I think in the 60’s the young-ish crowd were more moved by big ideas than it seems they are today. And it was more of a physical enemy — which is to say we were physically sending young men and women overseas to kill and be killed — that was more visceral. The problems today — aside from COVID — are harder to grasp and harder to correct. And the power base has changed drastically too. In the 60’s corporate america was paying closer to their share and they weren’t seen as individuals as has been the case since Citizens United. A glut of corporate money has made government very much a for-sale-commodity. sigh.



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