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Are you angry yet?

It’s ironic that the argument about socialized medicine sounds very different in a world with not enough bed for pandemic patients because capitalist medicine never saw the need for excess capacity and empty beds! When people are in trouble they want government to have a plan to help them, they want government to step in, in a good socialist fashion. Capitalism got us to a point where we lack medical facilities, tests, and tools, but Oh, No, we can’t afford socialism. Our mutual shortsightedness will cost us even more now while we scramble to made up for past poor decisions. Those in government saw this coming and did nothing. Even now, not enough is being done because one man is afraid to admit his mistakes and his shortsightedness. How many will die because of him? If you aren’t angry, why not? This isn’t about political theory; people are suffering and dying because of one man’s arrogance & ignorance.


6 thoughts on “Are you angry yet?

  1. I love our American neighbors. I hope you know that. But the decisions made (or not made as the case may be) by #45 will have repercussions not only for Americans, but for the world at large. As a Canadian I am worried about the spread of this virus across our shared border.

    May God help us all!!!!

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    • We do, Carol.

      The thing is, it’s not just about 45. The thoughtless actions of the stupidest, most thoughtless person brings everyone into jeopardy. It can be no other way.

      I have a great faith in God and I trust that what is happening must needs be, but that does not mean that it will be easy. After all, look at what happened to the Jewish people, “His Chosen People” during the diaspora. And so many of the saints of the age suffered horribly. But he deserves our worship and our praise regardless of what happens to us. All the moreso because praising him in the midst of the storm speaks to his true divinity. I have no idea what will happen to the nation, or to me personally, but I know that His will is pure, and His power absolute; He can change it all in an instant and if He does not there is reason that is higher than our ways/reason.

      It’s been 100 years since the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. Some 17 to 50 million lost their lives, others have put the number as high as 100 million — but the point being that pandemics are not new. Our science might be better but whether our humanity and wisdom is any advanced over 1918 has yet to be written.

      That pandemic lasted 2 years, not 2 weeks, or 2 months. We shall see what happens this time.

      Not to be harsh, but is it time to “cull the herd”? I don’t know. Will humans learn from whatever lies ahead? I doubt that greatly. But it’s beyond your control or mine. Stay safe, and have faith.

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      • It is trying times for sure and I agree God is in control and his reason are beyond human understanding. We have been so very blessed in North America and the western world. There is much we could have done for our sisters and brothers in the developing world but didn’t. I shudder to think what is happening in countries with less developed health care than that which we enjoy here. However, all of that is out of our hands and all we can do is pray and try to stay faithful. May you & Peg stay healthy and stay safe. God bless you both.


  2. Liz W says:

    I shared this on Facebook, just not sure what it will take to get those who claim “socialism” is the worst thing ever. Wonder when “shelter in place” is going to hit the midwest. We are basically doing that now. Frustrating to see others not doing it. Must admit it is easier for us introverts!


    • Like yourselves, we are basically following the “shelter in place” protocol. Over the weekend I went on a rollercoaster of emotions — which I think is a healthy thing — good to confront your feelings and give yourself a chance to vent, to research, to evaluate, to make critical choices. As we are situated physically we have a hard time telling whether traffic is actually down very much. And keeping one’s self in the house it’s hard to evaluate what you hear on the news for accuracy. I do see the local closings listings and the efforts on FB to notify people of important hours of operation changes but still, for us it’s a lot of second-hand info. Still, we’re doing our bit.

      As the member of the family who has the most problem with flu/virus/lung infections I think it’s particularly important for myself to be smart. We were supposed to have the family together next weekend. I notified everyone that we weren’t coming and as a result the cancelled the event for everyone — not sure if I shamed people into doing that or what but I’m glad they did. If we all make it to the other side of this infection we’ll all have a lot of times to be together — good not to be shortsighted about the desire to see the great grand baby, etc..

      Katy’s office is trying to accommodate. Mike is self employed and I worry for him. Mel and Drew are both working from home in MPLS — at least in part. Our family is small. Drew’s family on the other hand is HUGE and I don’t know what they are doing, or how much contact Mel and the baby are having with his side of the family. I can only hope they are being smart.

      Right, about it being easier for us introverts!



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