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Appreciate the ones…


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    • Agreed.

      Too often the world doesn’t know what to do with that sort of love; and for sure it is rarely recognized for what it is.

      Years ago I read a paragraph about friendship and really “knowing” someone that used the example of the man seen stumbling out of the bar arm in arm with someone else. The assumption was made that the man who was known had been drunk, and in the telling of the story it comes out that this person had come to the bar specifically to help his friend home and had not in fact imbibed even a single drink. And yet it was assumed because he was “stumbling” out of the bar and appeared to be leaning on someone else that he was the drunk, and not the other person.

      I often think about that in other connections. People don’t seem to know one another well enough to realize that a certain thing is something they would NEVER do. Not “never” as in the person who says “I never do that” when they have just been caught doing it, but never as in the sense of someone who would be acting completely out of character to do a certain thing.

      I think this not knowing of a person is part of the reason true friends don’t show up all that often. A lot of folks are there for the good times but they aren’t paying attention to you, they are there because they are having a good time and who you are, or what your are is completely inconsequential to them; they don’t observe, they don’t care, they are unaware.

      anyway…. we all need friends who really know who we are. and are willing to stand by us.


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      • Wonderful insights on what “true” friendship really is. We do need friends, good friends who are willing to be straight with us – to let us know how flaws in ways that are not intentionally hurtful. (i say intentionally because the truth does hurt, but a friend will help us absorb the bad news in ways that don’t destroy us.) And friends who celebrate our more stellar characteristics with true joy, without an iota of jealousy.

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