Old Diary

It’s not quite this easy

The problem with this is that the rich pass their wealth on to successive generations, but the passion for change must be won, anew,with each generation.


2 thoughts on “It’s not quite this easy

    • We dealt with our problems which may seem less so far down the road but they were real nonetheless. Now it’s the younger generations’ problem on how to make things work, or not. The difference I see between my generation and these young ones is, we were raised hard, harsh and tough. We knew how to do real and necessary work long before we stepped out of the family home, and we would have been mocked if still at home at 18. The modern generations don’t know what real work, commitment and responsibility entails – and I’m sticking to that statement – having been mollycoddled, protected and lied to a lot more than we were. Now they will either figure it out for themselves or die unwilling, unable or unaware of how to tackle their plight. If they think that being permanently glued to a cell phone; that social media is the answer to all existential questions and “go fund me” can replace a job, health insurance or a pension, well good luck to that. Yes, some are aware and some are protesting but as always they remain a very tiny minority and they are mostly ignored by the media so their protests have much less effect than did ours. Bob Dylan sang “the times they are a changin'” and they have, and they are but not in the way the song hinted at.


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