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Rallying point

Last Sunday the Green Bay Packers attracted a sell-out crowd to Lambeau Field for the playoff game. Lambeau Field has a capacity of 81,000+. They attracted paying fans from Milwaukee, Chicago, from Texas and across the U.S.  Fans paid significant sums to get there, amuse themselves while in town, and to return home.

By comparison, and considering how much ranting and raving there has been against Donald Trump for the past three years, on the day he was in town, a mere 72 hours after that football game, there were only 300 people protesting outside his rally in Milwaukee.

If you want to know why we have an orange mistake in the White House, then ask yourself why were there no more than 300 protestors showing their upset over Donald Trump but there were 81,000 fans willing to sit in ice cold temperatures and jump up and down excitedly over a game that lasted 3 hours and which will have no lasting consequences other than making a lot of players and owners richer and fleecing patrons of their available cash?

About 300 people protested President Donald Trump outside UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena on Tuesday night. They were hoping their words were heard by the president and his supporters. 

Protesters gathered in Red Arrow Park, chanting against Trump’s arrival in downtown Milwaukee. 

“I have grandchildren, and I want our planet to survive. I can’t stand the environmental laws he’s done. I can’t stand the way he treats women. I can’t stand his bigotry and on and on,” said Mary Ertldettmann, of Milwaukee. 

The group then marched their message straight to UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, where they were greeted by Trump supporters.

“He’s a threat to not only our democracy but democracies worldwide, and he has no business here whipping up his supporters into a froth of hate and ignorance,” Jacob Ansari said. 

By the end of the president’s speech, Trump supporters and Trump protesters were standing face to face.

Police in riot gear broke up the crowd, telling everyone to go home. 

WISN 12 News reporter Caroline Reindwald said she did not see anyone get arrested. 

Police kept the peace, mainly just making sure protesters who were marching stayed on the sidewalk and then breaking up the two groups at the end. 


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