Old Diary

One Company

This is all one company.


Frequently rated the Worst Company in America for its horrible customer service, anti-union, and anti-competitive practices, Comcast owns every company you see pictured here.

Their employee training manual says, “Comcast does not feel union representation is in the best interest of its employees, customers, or shareholders.”

They have spent millions bankrolling politicians to ensure public broadband service will not be offered by state or municipal governments.

They spent 10 million dollars on lobbying in the year 2019.

109 out of 126 Comcast lobbyists working on Capitol Hill in 2019 previously worked for the federal government.

Like most giant corporations, they funnel enormous amounts of cash into both political parties in order to secure favorable legislation. When a Democrat is in power, most of their money goes toward Democrats. During a Republican administration, most of their money goes toward Republicans. Currently the majority of their Super PAC contributions are going to the Republican National Committee.


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