Old Diary


No profound truths to be found here today.  Just time to mark the end of a decade and the beginning of a new year, also a new decade, also a leap year.


After the year just ended, I wish you all a safer and saner year than 2019 turned out to be. I’ll be a bit of a fortune teller and say that I’m sure it will not be saner; after all, it’s an election year.  Sanity, reason and good governance will hardly be found.

But all of that is external.  Whether you make the year a good  year or not is entirely up to you: to what you think about, to what you value, to the friends you keep, and the non-friends that you allow to fall by the wayside.  You have the power to make the year what you choose.

That’s not to say that your boss will be instantly a better boss; though if you treat him/her with respect and choose to be a team player you may find them a better boss than they were in 2019.

That is to say that your partner will be a better partner; though if you treat them with respect, if you actively work to make your relationship better, you might find them to be a better partner than you thought they were in 2019….

Notice a theme here.  Choosing to have a great year is more than something mental.  It’s an active process by which you first are a better you; someone people want to be around, someone who is kinder and more attentive to other people.  2020 is not just about YOU. It’s about everyone else in your life too.  Not them exclusively — no.  But it’s not not-about-them.  Which is to say, no one says you have to give up your pleasure for others, but you can share so that everyone gets something.

I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions.  Heck, I forgot mine as soon I made them back in the day when I tried doing that.  But I do think that new years and new decades and new relationships and new jobs, and other things new deserve a good start to them.  If we give them our all at the beginning and the other people involved respond to our attitude we at least have the best opportunity for the year, job, relationship, etc., to turn out fine.

After an insane year like 2019 we all deserve a chance to start over.  Maybe we pay less attention to the Orang Idiot in the White House — we already now who he is and what he does — we don’t need to focus on every new lie — this has been his lifelong pattern and he’s not going to change no matter what the promises he makes in an election year.  We aren’t going to be fooled, so why give him the attention he so urgently longs for.

There are good things needing workers and supporters and heralds and such.  We can do our part to make the earth a better place.  Yeah… we know that a hand full of companies are doing more harm than all of the population combined, but that does not change the fact that if we do our part we are helping.  We can be active for change, perhaps organizing, perhaps marching, perhaps… well, use your imagination.  Find ways to act locally even if you aren’t a big player on the global scene.

The year will be what you make it.  I have seen a lot of people depressed about what lies ahead; people who want to leave their lives and start over somewhere else.  But running away rarely changes anything.  And starting over always requires effort.  And starting over only obscures what needs change.  After all it too you your lifetime to get to know the people in your life that you think you need to flee from, and the problems that you think are insoluble — if you start over you are only saying you’d rather spend an endless amount of time finding out what the problems are where you start over, before you do anything about them.

All my life I have tried to be pro-active.  Waiting to react to what has gone wrong is guaranteed to keep you in the doldrums.  If you can find a way to get ahead of the curve, get ahead of the headaches and heartaches then you have an opportunity to start building on a firm foundation.  If you have gotten slogged down in the mire it might take a while to dig yourself out, but it’s an effort worthwhile enduring for a better ending.  Give it a go.  It’s a new year.  See what you can do!