Old Diary

Somebody Nobody Knows About


I’m not entirely sure whether Alfred Hitchcock actually said these words, but given the kind of movies he made it surely sounds like something he might say.  He loved the surprise ending!

A premise like this could go in a great many ways, not all of which I would be happy to inspire.  There’s already too much suspicion and doubt in this world to want to apply it to secrets people try to keep.  And secrets never seem kept for very long, so that’s not a very positive message for the day before New Years.

What I’m thinking about instead is the inner application of Hitchcock’s words.  Have you thought about the idea that within you there’s someone you haven’t let out to see the light of day?  Perhaps there’s a better you.  Or a more creative you.  Or a kinder you. There might be a quieter you, or a louder you too.  Or a party you, or a recluse you. All of these “you” ‘s may be laying in wait just because you are afraid of what someone else might say, or what they might do if they knew about that secret, hidden, you.

Why are we afraid to let people know who we really are.  A lot of us are.  It’s there to be observed often enough.  Little hesitations; longing glances; and a thousand little telltales that we think we are hiding.  But we aren’t really.  All we are doing is holding ourselves back from being who we really are.

Maybe 2020 can be a year where you let people in to see who you really are.  Or at least one or two people — people you can trust.  Not people you think you can trust, but those who are close enough to you that you are sure your revelations won’t turn them away from you.  If you try it with one or two, perhaps you’ll find that you really aren’t so horrible a person; that you really are pretty great inside; that you’re amazing and wonderful and you’ve been keeping it all a secret for no good reason.