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Every Single Republican



If you think about it, this is really rather stunning.


2 thoughts on “Every Single Republican

  1. And this surprises you because? My point being we have to stop pretending American politics has anything to do with truth, integrity or justice – everything to do with personal ambition, pandering to racial, religious and unique demographic bias of constituents whose vote is pivotal in securing re-election. The system is broken. High time America wakes up to that reality. Sigh.


    • Why do you think I’m surprised?

      It’s important that we don’t forget about the miscreant behavior of either party. And it’s long been true that “a lie often spoke is easier to believe than a truth seldom heard.”

      I have also given up on any hopes that the system will be fixed. After writing that last post on which you commented about labor unions and health insurance I have been reflecting on the idea that wealth can afford to take 100 years to achieve their longterm goals in terms of population dependency upon power. With a fat and pre-occupied lower class the likelihood of any real revolution pretty much disappears.



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