Old Diary

An interesting take on heat

A reader comment about outside temperatures got me to thinking about why we recently made the move from the second floor to the first floor and I thought it was worth the effort to share something I haven’t really talked about.

Our almost 7 years of RV’ing e undertook a twofold goal.  I wanted Peg to have a chance to see the country as I had done over the years with my business travel, and to be able to do it at a relaxed pace.  Also we thought we’d look about and see whether there was a climate that we liked better than Wisconsin’s so-called “temperate” climate.  We did the seeing of the country and as for the finding a better climate, we ended up back where we started.

It would be fine simply to stop there. But that’s not the entire reason.

You see, one of the lessons we learned while traveling is that we both have very specific comfort zones.  Our experiment with South Texas at the end of our travels in particular made it very clear that even though neither of us loves cold weather, we can both tolerate it better than we can tolerate heat.

We have been testing that discovery even since moving back to Milwaukee.  The apartment we found — the one on the second floor from which we just moved — was a lovely apartment.  In fact it was a nicer apartment (in terms of finish and accoutrements) than the one we just moved into.  What it also was, was too hot.  It’s a wonderfully well insulated place.  Our furnace didn’t run much of the time during the winter.  We picked up a lot of heat from the apartment below us.  It was nice as a moderating factor on our utility bill, but it was also a pain because there were a lot of times we couldn’t cool the apartment off as much as we might like.  And during the summer it was just as bad.  We couldn’t cool it off very easily.

We can already tell that the first floor version of the same floor plan is going to be more to our liking.  I know our utility bill will be a bit higher but if you aren’t comfortable because it’s too warm, then a slightly higher utility bill is the least of your worries.  thermostat.jpg So for us, half the reason we moved from one floor to the other was about the stairs (which I have talked about already).  The other half was simply because the place was too hot.  Hotter isn’t always better.  And sometimes it takes a while for you to figure that out.