My original idea in posting this graphic was to save me from writing a post for today. But overnight I got to thinking about it and decided that once again, he who has never been accused of saying too little might want to comment on it.

Ya know, we humans spend a lot of time thinking we’re pretty hot stuff.  But the fact of the matter is that we are pretty small things in the run of things.  An instant’s difference can end our life, through accident, illness, and indiscretion.  When we are young — I know I was this way — we take little heed to our health, and we ignore the fact that we are creatures for a specific time.  We do well to remember that there’s a reason that OLD men send YOUNG men into war.  The old realize they are not indispensible, and that their time is limited.  The young haven’t yet figured that out and are a lot more eager to die for king and country.

At this time when a lot of folk are affected by Seasonal Affected Disorder, I really do encourage you to take care of yourselves. Drink a lot of water.  Get a lot of sunshine.  Do the things that are good for your body — and by golly your mind, and everything else will do a lot better too!

On Friday I saw the doctor (GP) for my usual 6 month touching of bases.  I have had to do this biennially for a lot of years now.  A few stats raise her hackles and we’re both keenly interested in my hanging around for a long time into the future so it’s a bother well tolerated.  Anyway… I almost always forget the days before my blood draw that my results come out better when I’m better hydrated.  And as a result my results aren’t as good as they might be.  But… this time I remembered and I was rewarded with a much better set of stats.  I know… I know… I ought to do that all the time, but if you ask Peggy she’ll attest to the fact that I’m caught up in whatever I’m thinking about at the time and I just don’t think about those sort of ordinary things.  Ideas are far more important than actually drinking a few extra glasses of water every day, day after day, week after week.  I mean, come on…. there are much more interesting things to think about than drinking water.

Which sort of makes my point.  What ought to be more important to me?  Protecting my life?  Or thinking?  If I protect my life I can think for a lot longer.  If I spend all my time thinking my muscles get weak, and my body goes to pot and I’m a wreck…. NO future in that sort of result.  And yet I have to keep reminding myself.

So, what I say to you I say to myself.

Remember to drink water. Remember to get sunlight.  WE ARE just fancy plants with complicated emotions. 🙂

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  1. sg smith says:

    I too have trouble drinking enough water during the day so I use a two quart pitcher and then I know just how much I have drunk. It has made a big difference for me


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