Old Diary


In this crazy, social media obsessed world it’s sometimes difficult to remember that it is possible to live a happy life.


The lavender field was outside of Aix en Provence, about 2009. You can’t see them in this photo but there were so many bees in this field you could literally hear them from 50 feet away!  

And when I say “happy” I really mean contented.

None of us ever has everything they want.  None of us ever has all the ideal friends we can handle and no more.  None of us is living with the perfect partner/roomie — we all have our flaws and we all need a little bit of leeway when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

But in spite of the things that are “wrong” or maybe just not quite right… contentment is a product of our own consciousness.  We choose to be content by choosing what we allow to bother us, and how much we allow it to bother us.  We choose to be content by appreciating all the right things in our life and realizing that at the bottom line there is still more right with life than wrong.  Life is still better than not-life.

It happened to be 8º outside this morning; I always get reflective in cold weather.  I realize that not everyone is as fortunate as my wife and I, but contentment really is something that springs up from within, and not from all the externals that affect us daily.