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keyboard / typewriterUgh…

We finished our move a couple days ago our bodies haven’t recovered.  I’m sure it didn’t help that the week before the both of us had bouts with December colds and probably weren’t back up to 100% readiness for the move before it started — but sometimes you just have to push through and get things done — so we did.

Tomorrow I hope to get the last of the art work off the walls at the old place and re-hung in the new apartment.  Having enough wall space for art has always been a challenge and this place has been a challenge to display what I wanted shown.  I will have to pretty much just copy the placement in the new apartment from the old — there aren’t a lot of options.  But I’ll be glad to get it done.

After that it will be cleaning the oven and kitchen cabinets, and all the other usual jobs that go with clearing out of an apartment and getting it ready to turn over the keys to the landlord.

In the meantime it has finally sunk in that Christmas is a little over a week away (as I write this).  I think all the intended presents have been purchased.  And I believe all but one of them is at their necessary destinations.  The final piece is, as I write this, located in Des Moines Iowa on it’s way from Duluth MN — an interim stop that confuses me seeing as it’s supposed to be coming to Milwaukee.  But hey, who am I to criticise! 🙂

I don’t know about you, but Decembers have always seemed to me to be peculiar months. I know there is Christmas and our wedding anniversary, but in general the month has always seemed to me to be a time to tidy up all the year’s projects and make sure my brain is ready for the new year.  Our anniversary has always been more of an event for me than Christmas — I’m sure my daughter would disagree with me about that but I think we’ve done well by her for Christmases past and opinions are very individual so I make no apologies for how I feel.  So, I have a 6 month follow up visit to the doctor and other than that I’ll probably get a little baking done in the time that remains… and oh yeah… finish cleaning up the apartment.  Wish I could forget about that job.  But such is life.  Take the bad along with the good.

In the meantime, we went grocery shopping today.  And now, living on the first floor, bringing all the groceries into the house I’m reminded why we wanted to make this move from the second floor to the first floor.  It’s gonna be a wonderful new year with nary a stairway to be climbed.  Yahoo!  Stairways be gone!


3 thoughts on “Recuperation

  1. Hahaha we’re opposites! Bring on the stairs, the more the merrier! To a point of course, I’d not want to take them daily if I lived on a 57th floor. I’ll forgo elevators for stairs for the pleasure of bird’s-nest living and exercise AND tote groceries at the same time! Glad your new digs suit you and may it be your last move!


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