Old Diary

How many people?

How many special interests can a politician sell out to before they stand for absolutely nothing?

I gotta tell you I’m pretty disgusted with the entire political scene right now, but when I read the obscene amounts of money being spent on political campaigns it’s obvious that the donations are not coming from your average John Doe.  There aren’t enough people in the country to support on a casual basis the advertising and travel budgets these candidates are bragging about.  

Not that anyone thinks that’s the case — we all know that a lot of corporate money is going into U.S. political pockets but the preponderance of special interest money is so blatant that no one even pretends to be supported by the public  — except perhaps Bernie Sanders.  

The question comes to mind how many times can a politician sell themself to special interests before they literally stand for nothing.  How many special interests can they represent before it’s obvious that they do not represent the voting population — they only represent their special interests.

From time to time news stories get our attention about citizens who want to speak with their representative and the representative blows the citizen off, asking how much money they donated to their campaign.  One might as well hold their hand out expecting a bribe as to act like that.  In the United States in 2019 everything is for sale, including government.  We do well to understand that and to surrender any dreams we might have had about how noble our form of government is.  Even international comparisons of corruption in government now put the U.S. way down the list of the cleanest, least corrupt governments.  Capitalism has turned us into a third world cronyism laughingstock.

Don’t expect the courts to do anything to change the situation.  It was their Citizens United ruling that exacerbated the situation. Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, No. 08-205, 558 U.S. 310 (2010) has done more to make our elected officials pawns of business than the preceding 200+ years.  Opening the floodgates of politics to corporate interests, as if corporations were people, will surely mark the beginning of the end of this country.  No nation survives at the top of the pile for long. Every nation in history has had their rise, their time at the top, and their fall from supreme power.  We are witnessing our own fall.  

How does that feel?