Old Diary

Just in case life was getting boring…

Life is a bit topsy-turvy at the moment.  We’re moving.  But not very far.  From the 2nd floor to the 1st floor.

When we returned to Wisconsin we found what I was looking for in an apartment right away, barring one single feature.  As we get older flights of stairs are not so much our friends.

moving dolly

Moving Dolly, Ho!  Let’s get this done!

So when our downstairs neighbor decided to purchase a new home, in the course of being neighborly he told us about his impending move. The old “gray matter” started to churn and vibrate and get super excited.  I may not be Hercule Poirot, but my brain could see that there would never be an easier move than to move into the apartment directly beneath our current abode.  Peggy hopped on board and we had the landlord on the phone in a tick.  No problem, and our rent will be lower.  Win, Win, All Around!

We don’t even have to go out into the elements — as 4 apartments share a common entrance. We have a couple strong bodies hired up to move the really big stuff and we have the month of December to finish the move.  Easy Peasy.  Sort of.

Between the two of us we have long talked about what we wanted to accomplish with our “last” apartment.  Barring the need for skilled care for either of us, I don’t see us moving again once we complete this move in the next few days.  We’ll be on the 1st floor, we love the complex, we have garage parking for our car, the walk from car to front door is a 80 steps — so it’s not “close” but it’s not really all that far either. It’s a small (24 units) complex — which suits us perfectly.  It’s not exclusively old people — being around only the elderly is really a bit scary and unappealing.  We live near our daughter.  We have a bus stop within 100 yards for whatever days might come when we are unable to drive. There are groceries and such within 1 mile.  And we are near our medical team.  Short of a major complication in our lifestyle we ought to be as well situated as possible.

Does it seem like a lot of effort only 24 months after moving in?  Perhaps.  But the change suits us to a “T”.  We have discussed other options, including senior housing and the only thing this location doesn’t offer that we might prefer having is long hallways for wintertime walking that would not require being outdoors.  To get pretty much everything on our wish list except for one item has to be worth a little something!

We knew about the change a couple weeks ago and we were waiting for the former tenant to leave.  Because it’s cold, and we are in Wisconsin our landlord advised us to be prepared to wait a few months until he had a tenant for our apartment.  Seeing as the departing neighbor broke his lease to move at this time the landlord wasn’t going to let him out of the lease obligation, and the tenant wasn’t interested in finding someone to sublet.  We agreed to that sort of wishy-washy “moving date” and settled in for what could have been a long wait.

However, a potential tenant showed interest a week or so ago, we showed our apartment when the landlord gave them a look-through, and they are going to be our new upstairs neighbors, so our move gets pushed from “whenever” to “as soon as you want to make the move.”  Neither of us being sit-on-our-hands people we booked labor yesterday for next week and now all we have to do is wait 4 days to get the keys, wait 48 more hours for the movers  to show up and get on with living.

Happy Christmas to Us!