Old Diary

Do The Work

It’s tough to be an artist.  Or a photographer.  Or a writer.  Or a potter.  It’s tough to get people to buy something you’ve made for anything near the price it cost you to create it. That’s a fact. And history is filled with painters who never sold a painting before they died — their dying creating the one thing the art world loves:  scarcity — and then the heirs or their estates made a bundle on the work of a deceased artist.

The thing is, a lot of people who want to be artists simply don’t have the stamina to make it.  Some of the secret to success is luck, some of it is time, some of it is … well, the truth of the matter is that there IS no secret to success.  Success as an artist comes differently to every successful artist; and no two count the same criteria as amounting to success.

But still, you have to do the work.

A LOT of work.

There are no shortcuts.

There are no guarantees.

Be an artist if you choose.  But be an artist because it’s what you want to be, what you must be, what you have to be.  Not just because you think it’s a fun way to make a living, because $$$$ alone isn’t a motivation that will work.


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