Old Diary

A good morning is in order

For a moment let’s forget that today is Black Friday.

“It seems a good morning is in order,
so I’d like to order two.. one for me
and one for you, and make this the
best morning in the world.”

I know it’s not Thanksgiving Day. That was yesterday and we all ate more than we should and we may have had a wonderful time with our family, or we may have had a horrible time with our family, or we may have been completely alone. But that’s no reason not to have a really wonderful day.

So much of our how we feel during any given day is within our own power, that ordering up a good morning, and starting the day out as if it were going to be a good morning can be all it takes for that to happen.

Good-MorningIf people rub us the wrong way on any given day we don’t have to let that bother us.  Why let someone else determine how you feel?  Why give them free rent in your head?

I don’t know how you do on the day after holidays but I know more than a couple folks who find the “day after” to be really depressing.  But it doesn’t have to be.  And being aware of the fact that in the past you haven’t been the happiest on the day after can be just enough to make it a much better. day.



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