Old Diary

The School Store

Bazar Des Ecoles

One of the fun parts about photography is that you get a chance to see things and let them affect you. Let them affect you however they might.  Without predisposition.

Staying in the moment is the only way that you’ll ever find your own photographic style. And there’s a lesson there for anyone who wants to write as well.  Staying in the moment whilst writing is also the only way to discover your own style.  All the way’s you’ve been taught to write mean nothing if words don’t flow.  It’s as if you are following someone else’s formula on a pathway to discover something new.  That formula is never going to take you where no one has ever been before.

This little store, with it’s outdoor display and bikes parked along the curb happened to be less than a 5 minute walk from Notre Dame Cathedral.  A very non-descript little place, given over to life’s mundanity.  And yet there is something “everywhere” about it.  And on a sunny day in summer I wished I could have walked inside and just spent a year snooping among the shelves and aisles of a time long since past — which in that moment was staying in the moment because that little island of yesterday is smack dab in the middle of one of the most touristy cities in the world.  New and old, contemporary and ancient, wrapped in one.


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