Old Diary

When Things are Looking Bleak

I have taken up watching Animal Planet and any program that has animals in it. Well, any show that doesn’t have the Irwin family in it — I just can’t take them.

The state of affairs in this country — and around the world for that matter — are so depressing that I sometimes struggle to keep my optimism as alive as the news charges my pessimism.  Balance is important and right now I think we are all having a hard time maintaining balance.

Seriously, seeing as I can’t find inspiration on regular network programming I have opted to find it among those creatures that act with true loyalty and those who are utterly honest and in the moment:  animals.

I don’t talk a lot about my TV tastes.  It’s been true that for at least a decade we have watched very little so-called “Network” television.  Which if you think about it, was pretty arrogant for CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX to suggest that they were the only “networks” as if anything else was somehow less than what they offered.

Along while I ago I developed a preference for public broadcasting — TV or RADIO.  In the last decade I have stuck with that to some degree, but with satellite and on demand broadcasting I have been able to go further and further away from the violence filled gruel the “Networks” want to feed you, to something a little less exploitative, a little more humane, definitely a lot less violent, and for sure with better dialogue than the sound-bit stuff that seems to be popular TV.

For a while I had been contented homing in on anything British: comedies, mysteries, detective shows, even sitcoms.  We have tried French TV, Italian, and whatever we could find, including Australian and New Zealand shows.  We even watched a couple Russian sitcoms and dramas.  You actually have to think about what’s going  on because the cultural references and dialects can be challenging — but for a guy whose mind is active it is more interesting than what’s on the U.S. tube.

As the U.S. political drama has dragged on without respite I realized that instead of being satisfied with “harmless” I needed to restrict my viewing to something that would actually lift me up; make me feel better about being human — and the animals seem to be the only place to do that. Woman holding 3 male golden retriever puppies

Our landlord doesn’t allow dogs in the apartment.  And to be honest, our lifestyle still isn’t stationary enough that I’d consider pets again.  So, instead of a real fluffy friends I’ll have to be content with those I find on the TV.  But know that I’m starting to like animals better than the humans that managed to get their faces into public places.  sigh.


2 thoughts on “When Things are Looking Bleak

    • Seems like lately the only people worth while trusting are animals. I’m not really that jaded, but if you believed everything the media had to say you’d draw that conclusion. Good to have friends and associates who have passed the test of time. 🙂


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