Old Diary

Shingles Vaccination

1 in 3 persons will contract shingles in their lifetime. I never would have guessed that it was that common, but it’s a good thing to get inoculated against!  You’ll not hear any anti-vaccine nonsense from me.  I think vaccines are a good and needful guard against a great many horrible diseases.


I opted for a picture of the shingles virus because frankly a picture of someone suffering from shingles was just too upsetting.

A close family friend with a weakened immune system succumbed to a case of shingles a goodly number of years ago and I don’t wish what she suffered on anyone.

My doc has been after me for a couple years to take the two shots (2-3 months apart) to protect myself (and Peggy) against shingles and when we were full-time RV’ing it was never convenient because we weren’t usually around any one place for 2-3 months.  When we moved back to Wisconsin it was one of those things I put on my to-do list and I finally worked my way down to it.  I’m glad I did.  And I’m glad we have finished the course of injections.

These things aren’t a terrible inconvenience, and of course there is some cost involved — even with our Medicare Advantage coverage there was still a sizable co-pay out of our pocket but health is more than about $$$, so we just did it.

If you haven’t had the vaccine, I encourage you to speak with your physician.  Find out if it’s recommended for your situation.  Please.