Old Diary

Out of sorts

The past few days I’ve been physically out of sorts. lonely walk Nothing serious. It’s just been annoying not to be up to a normal days’ activities.

I take it as a wonderful reminder of just how amazing our bodies are.  Most of the time they function as designed.  We give nary a thought to digesting food, or eliminating the waste, we don’t have to think about focussing our eyes or about keeping our balance when we walk — most of the time our bodies do that for us, without a thought.

It would be easy for us — all of us who age — to obsess about what we can’t do, or about what we “used to do.” But aging is a part of life and why not just get on with it and do it without making a big deal about it.

When we are young we think that life is all about looking good and feeling good, and we really know nothing about either.  At 20 we never think that some day — if we are lucky — we’ll look like that wrinkly old geezer on the corner, or that we’ll walk slowly with a cane like that cranky person we saw some day earlier.  We think that smooth skin and being cool really were important.  Or that how beautiful or handsome we were really was about us and not about an accident of genetics that we have/had zero control over.

We learn a lot as we age.  Or at least we should.  I’m not sure all of us do.

And as for me, I’m going to finish recuperating and get on with living the best life I can as long as I can.


4 thoughts on “Out of sorts

  1. Good on ya! Complaining only makes us feel worse, as well as making people want to avoid you. Having said that, my mother died of cancer because she didn’t want to “bother” the doctor. By the time they found the cancer her body was riddled with it. So, let’s take care of our bodies – we only get one.


  2. Liz says:

    Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. Hoping you feel better soon. You hit the nail on the head about aging! Some days mind over matter just doesn’t do it.


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