Old Diary

Why does stuff go wrong when you aren’t using it?

I’ll never understand why things go wrong when they aren’t being used.  All summer long we have split our time between the apartment in Franklin and the RV in Lake Delton.  Each time we return home to Franklin after an absence of a few days to three weeks we have found our Spectrum Internet to be pretty much non-functional.  It generally takes 2 or 3 days for the system to figure out we’re trying to use it again, and then every thing seems to settle in all over again.

Early on I tried using the help line.  With mixed results.  Of course they tell you to do all the preliminary troubleshooting steps which I have generally done already — several time over before wimping out and calling them.  And then there are the voluminous excuses and scripts they have to read.

There are times when I just hate computers.


2 thoughts on “Why does stuff go wrong when you aren’t using it?

  1. Remember when everything was built to last, mechanics repaired cars with parts not computer chips or online reboots? A time when phone lines were hard wired, banks closed at 3 pm and password was a board game? I feel your pain. Hugs 🙂


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