Float and Fly

The one of the state parks closest to us has special use areas.  It’s called Bong Recreational Area and the site is an abandoned military airport — so there’s a lot of flat, open space.  This past weekend we drove through and one activity in one of the special use areas was a float and fly gathering.

It was the first time I’d seen one of these and it’s a fun take on the old radio-controlled-airplane theme — featuring pontoon and float planes.   I didn’t take photos during our visit, but I found some from the same even in a previous year so I thought I’d share them. 

Radio controlled planes have been around a goodly long time.  Some of them were even available not long after I stopped being a little boy who would have been interested in flying one!

The variety now seems mind boggling; as well as the attention to detail. 

They aren’t necessarily small…. this one took two men to carry and I’m not sure how they brought it to the park that morning, by car or trailer, or what?

Another of the special use areas allows amateur rocketry — yup… build your own rocket, and take it to the park to see it blast a few thousand feet into the air.

Another of the areas is devoted to dog training — as in hunting dogs — and we are at the beginning of the bird season here so there were a few hunters with their dogs out flushing birds!

All in all, a fun and interesting side-trip.

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