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Recreation dot Gov

I’m happy to share this even if I’m not traveling as much as in the past. Recreation.gov used to have an app for reserving their campsites and a year or more ago they withdrew the app. cIM19a1dRbWHPdQjRGA_thumb_d44e

I haven’t been visiting their site very much lately, but after seeing video of flooding in the Davenport Iowa area I got to wondering whether the campground at Potosi WI would be flooded. Upon arriving there my webpage announced the release of a new APP!

I tried to download it, but the server seemed jammed at the time.  Still, it’s a step forward that the feds are once again opening up smartphone reservations to the camping public!

Ok, so after writing the early part of this traffic on recreation.gov slowed enough for me to download the application.  The first thing I found was that I had to re-register, or at least to re-partially register.  The application remembered my email address (application ID) but forced me to enter a new password after sending me an email on how to select a new password.



The Profile page looks pretty much like any other profile page.


The “welcome” page is pretty unwelcoming, you get a choice between what kind of accommodations you want and thumbnail links to recent searches, but it’s perfectly functional.



A search — as for example searching for Highland Ridge Campground in Spring Valley, Wisconsin — shows you the kinds of sites, the prices, etc..


Here’s another example, from the listing for Blackhawk Park, in DeSoto, WI.  Note the ALERT below the photo.  In this case it’s a warning about flooding.


After inserting a date you get a selection dialogue.  Note that dates before today are not shown at all.  FF indicates First Come, First Served.  A indicates available.  A blank indicates unavailable — as do dates that are lined through.


After you are done with your reservations there is a summary page for upcoming reservations.  Obviously because we have no reservations made for the future, our page is blank.

To my way of thinking, it’s a decent app.  I hope it works well for those of you who are still out there actively camping the federal properties or RV’ing your way around the country!  Happy Camping!


4 thoughts on “Recreation dot Gov

  1. Liz says:

    Since we sold our RV, I haven’t used Rec.gov either. Wondering what you found out about the Grant River park in Potosi? It was always a favorite place for us.


    • It looks as if they initiated a 2 week delay in opening — moving their opening to May 12. Site 1 seems to be closed for part of the summer thereafter (think that’s the closest to the water).

      I think many of the parks have shifted their spring opening to May 1 even if they had been opening earlier in the year in previous years.


      • Liz says:

        I went to the website and had to reset my password as you had mentioned. They must really have been underwater as the majority of the sites appear to be closed. Our favorites were 28 in the first loop and 49 in the second.


      • This is a bad year for Mississippi coastline campgrounds. I looked at others further down the river with the same result.


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