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Babies, babies, babies

I used to be able to blog and travel simultaneously, but it seems that lately it’s one or the other. ūü§®2019-111-2155442440 Oh well. That’s life I guess. At least going forward.

Going Forward is just where we have been for the last few days. ¬†Our Grand-One is preggers — I believe I mentioned that a couple months ago — and she’s due in July.

We just finished the round of baby showers — one here in Milwaukee, and the following weekend one in Minneapolis. ¬†Needless to say we are tickled pink (it’s a girl, but we’d be tickled some color even if it was a boy as well). ¬†Mom and baby are doing well, the world hasn’t exploded, and signs are good for everyone having a great 2019.


The shower in Minneapolis was hosted by Melanie’s hubby’s two sisters — Rachel is seen here, Sarah was hiding I guess. ¬†Melanie had to try on all the gifts — so I’m told. ¬†Us guys went away for a few hours to let the femmes have time to themselves and with 20 some gals all giggling and cavorting it’s probably a good thing. ¬†Too much estrogen. ūüėÄ


After it was all said and done grandma got together with mom and grand-one for a photo…


And after that Drew’s parents hosted the assembled family members (13 of us) for dinner at Cucina de Barrio. ¬†I’m not much for Mexican food… well, that’s a bit of an overstatement, it’s not that I don’t LIKE it, it’s just that I never think to eat it. ¬†Anyway, the restaurant was one of those tapas sorts of places and it’s not something we normally do. ¬†I found it really challenging. ¬†I kind of like to get a plate of food and then tuck into it. ¬†This idea of ordering a never ending stream of small dishes just seems to haphazard! ¬†Oh well, we had great food, even better company, the two families are melding together nicely and that’s all a pretty good result for a couple of young adults who met exploring the underwater drains of Chicago!


At Dinner

I’m really happy for Melanie. ¬†It’s rough trying to find a partner in this world. ¬†And by all the evidence we have to date Drew was a pretty good find. ¬†They seem to accommodate each other in so many ways and even though Melanie came from a tiny family and Drew from a humongous family they are managing the needs and expectations of both in an admirable manner.

This will be Drew’s parents¬†first grand child, and our first¬†great grand child — there are new lessons and new experiences ahead for us all.

It was a quick weekend for us. ¬†Katy drove up and back with us — so we had her company (never a bad thing!) for the journey and as a spare driver. ¬†But after a few trips back and forth to the Dells and now this trip to Minneapolis, I’m ready for a couple weeks of going nowhere!


2 thoughts on “Babies, babies, babies

  1. Liz says:

    How exciting for you to have a great grandchild and a girl to continue the pattern! Love the 3+ generation photo! I’d say you have more reasons that ever to stay put in your neck of the woods.


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