Old Diary


murmuration of starlings

The photo is a murmuration of Starlings surrounding the Statue of Liberty but it made me think about the way in which the values that made this country what it has become have themselves been clouded and obscured.

Society seems no longer to care about values.  I blame that on the movement to deny any absolute values that began with questioning religion and religious morality.  Once we began (as a society) to question whether “right” existed, or whether “wrong” was something that could be applied universally it became easy to say that “no one” was really altruistic, that ethical matters only really applied in… well… maybe they don’t… oh, heck, lets’ throw ethics out anyway, who needs to be judged….  You see how it all goes pear shaped once you start questioning.

I wonder, can you question things and still uphold some set of values? Speed limits for example — why not use something absolutely everyday.  Are speed limits good?  They maintain the flow of traffic, the protect most of us, but they are inconvenient for people who are in a hurry and it seems as time goes by more and more people feel that they are in a hurry and have no need to obey the speed limit.  Until there is a horrendous accident and people are killed.  Then every one goes back to being good little drivers for about 10 minutes, or 10 seconds, before they go back to doing their own thing.  Rules, laws, and standards are only good if there is a societal agreement that everyone is benefitted when everyone follows the rules.  When some people break them, behavior falls apart and accident happen, people get hurt (or killed) and the reason for the rules in the first place becomes apparent once again.

Right now in this country we seem to have forgotten that following the rules is good for us all, and that society works better when everyone does so.  Not just the poor.  But the rich as well.

Where there is no justice,
courage is weak. 


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