Old Diary

Year of the Bird

We’ve been mostly stay-at-homes this year.  During our stopover at the Eagle Center I noticed a poster about “2018 is the Year of the Bird.” I feel stupid because this is November and I’m just learning about it now.  So, I figured I’d pass along some information — in part because there’s a really good source about birding to be discovered.


If you visit Audubon’s page dedicated to The Year of the Bird you’ll find some really useful how-to’s and public education sub-pages.

For example…


Audubon’s Guide to Ethical Bird Photography

Lots of folks like to take animal, specifically BIRD pictures.  Here’s a really thoughtful article about how to do that without upsetting the very critters you are trying to honor.


How to Compose the Perfect Bird Photo

If you’re an avid photographer there are clues to how to take better bird shots.

All in all there are over 30 helpful resources on just this one webpage.  If you love the critters and love taking pictures, or just love nature, pop on over and check it out.


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