There’s more to life…

Distraction, Diversion, Obfuscation.  We live in a world where we are so preoccupied with crises that we seem to have no time for the things that matter most in life.  All the while the media get the population obsessed about the Orange Terror in the White House and the terrible things the 1% are doing no one is giving any attention to the bigger ideas; and without them everything is lost.


There was a time when people seemed to care about ideas; when democracy meant something, when the difference between ideologies mattered, when citizens had backbone and stood up for their ideals.  Average citizens could have principles and they lived up to them.

Today we care about our retirement savings.  We (as a society) care about making the most money for the least effort.  Capitalism with a capital C means that anything and everything can be bought if the price is right.

I’ll admit that I’m struggling right now.  As we approach what may be the most important election in my lifetime I see lots of white noise but I don’t see citizens who are upset enough to change what they have been complaining about for 2 years.

More importantly, with a system of gerrymandered voting districts the ability of aggrieved electors to actually put out of office the folks who have lied and cheated and abused the democratic system is not only questionable, it’s highly unlikely.

And the electorate still thinks they can change things.

It’s a sad world.  Too many of us have believed what we’ve been fed through media giants for too long.  And after this election — even if some changes are effected — the system will remain in place, and the dollars and favors that new officials re-elected will still be there to buy a new generation of politicians.

I’m too dumb not to care.  But I’m not sure I’m inclined to fight another holy war.  Sad truth is, if the Millennials don’t vote it’s their future that will be at stake.  It’s questionable how much longer I’ll be around on this green planet.  Oh, I hope to have a few good years left — I’m not in any hurry to “shuffle off my mortal coil,”  but those who stand to live 50, 70, 90 more years are the ones who will bear the price of inaction now.  And I feel sorry, sad, heartbroken that in my lifetime so many have given up on so much and now we’re left with a wreck of a nation and little will to win it back.

I hope I’m wrong.  But aside from a few election surprises I doubt there will be any appreciable change.  That’s sad.

I’ve still got energy and I’ve still got my hopes and ideals — but finding that spot to put my focus isn’t easy.  Specially if the folks who should care the most, don’t….


2 thoughts on “There’s more to life…

  1. Another well written post! I am very saddened that too many in our generation and the ones that follow do not feel they need to leave our planet a better place to live, but rather want to wring out of it what their greed can manage in the present, with little or no thought for future generations.


  2. I just received my 5th piece of campaign literature from a candidate who claims to care about the environment. Her actions do not reflect her words.


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