I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never been known to make things too simple. My wife even jokes about it.  But I do try.  Believe me I try.

In my own defense, however, I think it is possible to be complicated (as this world seems to demand) and simultaneously simple.  Before you blow me off let me explain.

I can have a busy calendar with lots going on and still have a prime directive.  There can be people running in and out of my life but that needn’t alter the fact that I have absolute values about certain people and certain ideas that will never be altered so when a conflict arises between them and someone/anyone else there is no decision to be taken:  I already know where my loyalties lie, I already know what my decision must be.

With a wife (he says as an old codger who hasn’t been propositioned in donkey years) I would never have to question whether I should be faithful — it’s who I am.  With a job, I never have to wonder if I should break the law because my boss tells me so — the law comes first. Life can be both simple and complex — depending on what your values might be.

It seems to me there’s a lot of talk lately about people finding themselves.  I’m afraid I’m not very understanding about those kind of discussions but I do know about trying to please others, and I do know about peer pressure.  The difference is that long ago I had to decide that my life was more important to me than someone else’s life;  ruining my life to make someone else happy made no sense; but living a life in which I was happy with myself enabled me to be a lot more value to everyone around me.  I’m not perfect — just ask Peggy.  But she happens to love who I am when I am myself and I happen to love her when she is who she is and together we are better as a team than apart.

I wish other people could find such simplicity in knowing who they were,  accepting, and making the best of it.  There really is a lot of happiness to be found in such simplicity even when you’re in the middle of a career, or a health crisis, or laying on a sunny summer beach.  All the bumps of life simply don’t matter that much when you are at peace with yourself.

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Simplify, simplify, simplify