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Where you live may determine how generous you are…

There is a real coorelation between where you live and the likelihood that you volunteer to help others.  A recent article by CNN makes it easy to visualize  Stats reveal how many Americans volunteer and where:

Volunteers by State

I’m not going to express personal opinions about what is is about the culture of those areas with the highest rates of volunteerism.  I’d rather just let the stats speak for themselves.

Education levels too have an impact on who volunteers.

Volunteers by education

Furthermore City dwellers and rural dwellers seem to have their own patterns as well.  Maybe I am the way I am because I have spent most of my life in Milwaukee, the #3 city in America for volunteers.

Volunteers in cities

What I care about more than where you live, or how much education you might have, or whether you have ever volunteered even one hour in your life — is that maybe you’ll consider using some of your time for the altruistic purpose of simply helping someone else.  I know it’s not popular.  I know it won’t put money in your pocket.  But why not think about doing something that will make someone happy, or help them get through the day, or deal with catastrophic circumstances in their life, or just give them a smile and make their day a little better.