Old Diary

This is ridiculous

I cancelled several posts because the national state of affairs is absolutely ridiculous.  The president is acting more like a pawn of the Kremlin than a President of the United States of America. Congress doesn’t seem to give a hoot this country — party loyalty and power are more important to them than the security of the nation. The Media are running with any story they can think of all for ratings.  And in the meantime there are really important, life and death problems that are not being addressed by ANYONE.

I’m pissed.

That’s not the kind of stuff I want to write about and there’s too much of that trash on the news for me to write about topics that have meaning.  I was intending to take the blog in new directions but frankly I’m too upset by people who are blinded by fear and hatred for them to see and react to the incredible damage that a man with no evident redeeming values is doing to this nation.

I’m taking some time off.

I’ll be back when I’m in a more positive mood…